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Cue, is a forward-looking not-for-profit company set up by three creative directors to make the entertainment industry a greener place. Between the three amigos, we have 50-plus years of professional experience in film, tv, theatre and community engagement focusing on props. The team aims to repair, repurpose and reuse props from productions across the UK using sustainable methods and as a result, engage the industry in a green cycle by stopping props from going to landfill.


Cue props holds a variety of skills including upholstery, casting,  sculpting, painting/paint effects and many more. We can repair well loved props and hold a network of people with different skills for specific needs of any item.


Cue is passionate about saving props and dressing from landfill which is why for a small fee or donation, we separate, redistribute or recycle items destined for landfill, or repurpose them to sell on. We also use materials from certain items to teach workshops and to make new props. The materials are therefore sustainably sourced and the workshops are as eco-friendly as possible.


While we are not a hire company, we fully support our friends in the field by working closely with them to encourage reusing most items as much as possible. It is why we offer them a discounted fee to repair their regular hires and the well-loved veteran props of the industry. However, we do also hold a small selection of core props available for hire/purchase which includes some unusual and bespoke pieces.


Cue holds an extensive makers network which includes skilled professionals within the industry who make props with a sustainable focus. They have a broad range of skills and knowledge, which we can help match to your project.

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